Seamless Skin

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Just our first article, to see what our website is going to look like, here some information about the Seamless Skin look from Sephora.

The Seamless Skin look should be created within 5 easy steps to follow, and off course to use their products which you can find on this page.
1. First you should hydrate your skin with the Moisturizer.
2. Wait for at least one minute for moisturizer to fully absorb, then apply the perfecting ultra smoothing primer to help your foundation glide on evenly and last longer.
3. Coat lightly the foundation for normal or combination skin. Brush and blend from the center of the face outwards toward the hairline until the foundation is completely undetectable. For different types of skins, they have several products you can use to create this look.

4. Brush a shade lighter then your foundation to disguise under-eye circles, or the same shade as your foundation to cover blemishes or redness around the nose. Blend using short back-and-forth strokes. When you use a powder foundation, apply concealer foundation.
5. Dip the SEPHORA COLLECTION Pro Powder Brush #50 in translucent SEPHORA COLLECTION “Tricks of the Trade” Mineral Touch Up Powder, tap the handle to remove excess, then press and roll bristles across the face to set foundation. For powder foundation, mist with a toner to set.

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